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Organa Lemon Chamomile Organic Tea Pods

Organa Lemon Chamomile Organic Tea Pods

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Savor the moment with Organa Organic Single Serve Paper Tea Pods, grown the way nature intended  🌤 ☕️🌿

Organa™ LEMON CHAMOMILE - Herbal Tea : Since the time of the pharaohs, chamomile has been brewed to calm the nerves and soothe the soul. For this classic tisane, we blend authentic Egyptian organic chamomile with aromatic organic Australian lemon myrtle and a touch of natural lemon essence to add bright, crisp flavor notes.

This certified organic tea is selected and crafted by a tea master to bring you the world’s finest selection of all-natural organic teas.

Each individually wrapped single serve paper pods brews a perfect 8-10 oz cup.

Brewing is recommended with our suggested pod brewers available here.

Paper pods can also be steeped in hot or cold water for a larger batch with a longer brew time.

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