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Organa Earl Grey Organic Tea Pods

Organa Earl Grey Organic Tea Pods

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Savor the moment with Organa Organic Single Serve Paper Tea Pods, grown the way nature intended  🌤 ☕️🌿

Organa™ EARL GREY - Black Tea :  Over the past 150 years, this tea recipe originally created for a British Prime Minister has become one of the world's most beloved teas. This medium-bodied Earl Grey is a blend of organic Tanzania and China black teas that is flavored with natural oil of bergamot and a hint of Australian lemon myrtle.

This certified organic tea is selected and crafted by a tea master to bring you the world’s finest selection of all-natural organic teas.

Each individually wrapped single serve paper pods brews a perfect 8-10 oz cup.

Brewing is recommended with our suggested pod brewers available here.

Paper pods can also be steeped in hot or cold water for a larger batch with a longer brew time.

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